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List of few Science Fiction Movies

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Decade Title Director Country
1910 – 1920 Aerial Anarchists Walter Booth United Kingdom
Homunculus Otto Rippert Germany
Himmelskibet Holger-Madsen Denmark
The First Men in the Moon Bruce Gordon United Kingdom
1920 – 1930 The Invisible Ray Harry A. Pollard United States
The Mechanical Man Andre Deed Italy
The Lost World Harry Hoyt United States
High Treason Maurice Elvey United Kingdom
1930 – 1940 End of the World Abel Gance France
Island of Lost Souls Erle C. Kenton United states
Flash Gordon Frederick Stephani United states
The Secret of Treasure Island Elmer Clifton United states
1940 – 1950 Cat-Women of the Moon Arthur D. Hilton United states
Gojira Ishiro Honda Japan
The Head Victor Trivas West Germany
Plan 9 from Outer Space Edward D. Wood, Jr. United states
1950 – 1960 Rocketship X-M Kurt Neumann United States
The Hideous Sun Demon Robert Clarke United States
1960 – 1970 Dinosaurus! Irvin Shortess Yeaworth, Jr. United States
The Andromeda Nebula Yevgeny Sherstobitov Soviet Union
1970 – 1980 The Big Mess Alexander Kluge West Germany
Stalker Andrei Tarkovsky Soviet Union
1980 – 1990 Virus Kinji Fukasaku Japan
Blade Runner Ridley Scott United States
Sexmission Juliusz Machulski Poland
The Quiet Earth Geoff Murphy New Zealand
1990 – 2000 Star Trek Generations David Carson United States
The Matrix Wachowski brothers United States
Star Wars George Lucas United States
Sci-Fighters Peter Svatek United States
2000 – 2010 A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Steven Spielberg United States
Déjà Vu Tony Scott United States
Transformers Michael Bay United States
WALL-E Andrew Stanton United States
2010 – Endhiran S. Shankar India
Tron Legacy Joseph Kosinski United States
Super 8 J. J. Abrams United States
John Carter of Mars Andrew Stanton United States
A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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